From the bustle of a Greek metropolis… to the rolling hilltops of the English countryside

As a young girl, Natali loved reading about faraway worlds and exotic places. She would lose herself for hours in the adventures of famous globetrotters, illustrious polyglots and astute storytellers. “One day, I am going to become just like them“, she would say. Growing up in a French-speaking household in the bustling metropolis of Athens, she spoke 3 languages by the time she was 10. Her French-speaking mother was the first person to fuel her wanderlust with stories from her Jacaranda tree-lined neighbourhood of Elizabethville in the ex-Belgian Congo. 

English -Greek writer and translator
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After school, Natali decided to add more languages to her multilingual armoury. She studied Spanish and Italian and got a MA in Translation Studies. She travelled extensively and worked in the fast-paced world of television, in London and Manchester, researching TV programmes in 5 languages for Channel 4’s travel and property programme “A Place in the Sun“. She worked for two blue-chip companies in IT and Publishing and as an editorial assistant for an environmental N.G.O. honing her writing, research and multilingual skills.

In her 30s, she decided to go freelance. However, travelling, education and her own professional development were by no means over. She got a PGCert in Forensic Linguistics, studied Arabic and travelled to countries in six continents. She now lives in the rolling English countryside in the North East of England. She writes stories and creates English and Greek content for custom magazines, agencies and direct clients from all over the world. She is also learning German. Natali’s dream had finally come true. She had at last become a globetrotter, a polyglot and a storyteller.”

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English - Greek writer and translator