This is the home of travel journalist, content writer and translator Natali Lekka.

Are you looking for content in English or Greek?

I put my research, writing and multilingual skills to work to come up with the best possible content for your medium or brand.

As a content marketing writer, I write articles, feature stories, blog posts, people profiles and case studies on travel, food, culture and languages for custom magazines, websites, businesses and brands. I am a destination expert on Greece (my home country) and the North East of England (where I live). I translate, transcreate and localise business, travel, marketing, and hospitality copy for the Greek market. Head over to my Content page for a taster of my work.

What is content writing?            content_writing_Greece

Content writing is a fancy way of saying I can help you better communicate your brand to the world.

What is in it for your business?

I can provide you with engaging copy in English and/or Greek that will boost your corporate brand and get you noticed.


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